Citizen Participation Handbook

For Public Officials & Professionals Serving the Public

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By Hans & Annemarie Bleiker, 14th Edition, © 2011, IPMP Price: $49.00 (US dollars only) image



Systematic Development of Informed Consent (SDIC)

Seattle, WA: October 7 - 9, 2014


Citizen Participation-by-Objectives (CPO)

Austin Area, TX: Late 2014 or Early 2015


Leadership Bootcamp

Eventually to be Taught in Sequence of Online Modules


Upcoming Brownbag Sessions

August 12, 2014

Our Projects Often Raise 'Environmental Justice' Issues, which Greatly Complicates Our Public Outreach

September 9, 2014

When Agency Leaders Fear Involving the Public will Diminish Their Own Decision-Making Authority

October 14, 2014

Why Minority Views are Over-Represented, and Majority Views are Under-Represented


Recorded Brownbag Sessions

SAMPLE: Promises Kept, or a Public Disappointed?

SAMPLE: Is Transparency Worth all the Hype?

SAMPLE: Why Consent and NOT Consensus?

SAMPLE: Avoiding the Road to Hell

SAMPLE: When Opinions Are Portrayed as Fact

SAMPLE: Tactic of Fish-Bowl Planning


#1: When Stakeholders Get Involved Late and Blame You (aka Dirty Tactic 22-23-6)

#2: "Politics!" vs. Technical/Scientific Issues (How to Mitigate Impact of Politics on Your Work)

#3: Getting Stakeholders & Policymakers to Understand Your Work is Science-Driven

#4: "Balancing" Your Vociferous Opponents with Supporters

#5: "Listening" to the Public, when in fact, Your Hands Are Tied

#6: Dealing with Ignorance, Misinformation, and Disinformation

#7: The Public & Media's Double-Standard for You and Your Opponents

#8: Preventing "Paralysis-by-Analysis"

#46: Anti-Govt Beliefs Hold Key to Reversing this Attitude towards Your Agency

#47: How to Stick Your Neck Out and Provide Leadership when Your Expertise isn't Enough

#48: Transforming NIMBY Opposition to Grateful Admiration for Your Work

#49: "How to Reach a Demographic that is Representative of Your Actual Public"

#50: "What Can We Do When People Are Conveying Opinions as Facts?"

#51: "How Can We Get Useful Input when People Complain 'Why bother?! You'll just do what you want anyway!'"

#52: "Cultivating Constructive Criticism and Reducing the Typical Grousing"

#53: "The Trouble is, People's Fear of Change Makes Them Cling to the Status Quo"

#54: "Doing Consent-Building When Top Administrators are Against Doing Early Public Involvement"

#55: "People Don't Help Create Solutions, They Only Criticize Ours"

#58: When Negative Experiences Haunt Your Project